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JEAN’S RESALES LLC is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you find your perfect home at the right price.

As our agents live in the same communities they represent there is no one better to give you the all the information you required to make the best decision possible.

Call or email us and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Jean K. Pasell, the owner and broker of Jean's Resales, LLC.  I moved to Florida in 2011.  I thought I was retired. I have had many long and interesting careers.  I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  A beautiful village named Lyndonvillle.  I graduated from College in Vermont and also took more classes in Maine.  My husband  was from Massachusetts and when he graduated college he began his career in Maine.  Our two lovely children, Scott and Molly were both born in Maine.  I taught school, tutored students and loved being a wife and mother.  Next I decided Business was what interested me and earned my Business & Finance Degree.  We again lived in Vermont than off to Arizona. In Arizona I continued working in healthcare, Hospitals and also taught some at a local college, Medical Law and Ethics and Medical Terminology.  My ending professional healthcare career found me consulting for physicians across the United States, building clinics, and hiring and recruiting physicians.  I thought I was ready for Florida And Retirement.  But Busy People like to keep Busy!
I started as an agent for another Manufactured Resale company and found a new career I could love.  I left that firm and started my own company.  Jean's Resales LLC.  My husband Stephen unfortunately got very sick and passed away in November of 2016.  Prior to his passing I said "Honey, should I keep the business going or just stop and retire.  He said" Jeanie, your good at it, you really like people and you are a help to so many that need you, yes you should keep doing what you love!!"  So I am doing what I love! I hope I get to meet you and you find that my company and my agents are all doing what they love too.  
Carolyn Greene
Carolyn Greene loves to list and sell homes. She moved to Swiss Village from North Carolina where she was very well known in the Real Estate Industry.  Success is her middle name.  She will list your home and sell it before you have time to blink.  She works hard, loves people and most importantly Listens to what your needs are and will walk over hot coals to get you what you want!! Defeat is not in her vocabulary.  As a top salesperson for my company and previously for others she proves herself day after day with real production.  Selling and Listing!! But that is not what makes so many people want her to be their agent.  It is because once she has sold you a home she will not forget you and move on.  She will stay with you and help you as you strive to be a member of your new community.  Got questions after you buy your house?? Call Carolyn she will direct you to the people who you can help you or help you herself.  Her Southern Charm oozes from her in the most sincere and fun loving manner.  Y'all Give Her A Call Carolyn will find you a home. You got a home to sell Y'all will be thrilled with Carolyn.  828-729-0334

Paula John
Paula has been with me for several years.  When she started working with me I knew I had picked the right person to be an agent with us.  She has owned several manufactured/ mobile homes over the years.  She can look at a home and know immediately how you might want to decorated it or any changes you may or may not want to make.  She is also a New Englander coming from Massachusetts where she had her own business.  But like so many of the new Floridians she said" snow, snow, go away and if you don't I will go away!"  And away she came to Florida.  Her husband Mike, loves it as much as she does.  Warm weather, blue skies and lots of nice places to live.  She has several communities that she loves to sell and list in.  Her sellers and buyers love her...and we do too.  She makes the whole process of buying and selling simple.  She will find you the right home for the right price.  I am always amazed at how many homes under $10K she has listed and quickly sold.  But don't be fooled she also lists and sells mid priced homes and those fancy super duper expensive homes.

R.Vivian Lacey

our primary residence at that time was a large single-family home up North, we enjoyed spending a few months at a time here (mostly winter) while my husband continued working full time wherever we were.  Since I had some free time, my husband and I thought that being a sales agent for manufactured homes would be an excellent choice.

However, soon family matters started demanding more of my "free time” as my older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I became her caregiver here in Florida.   My life was full of activity not only with my sister, but also packing and moving my then 85-year young Mom from Massachusetts into the home we had purchased in Swiss Village.  As we "settled Mom ", we purchased a separate lakefront home in the same community (three houses away) for us. My sister passed in mid-2015, and recently, my husband and I decided that he was to retire in August 2018 from his successful career in both the Navy and as a Government civil servant.  While I still help my 88 yr-young Mom with her care and doctor’s appointments, I now feel as though the time has come for me pursue being a resale agent. 

I believe fate stepped in when I heard that one of the top companies selling mobile homes in Winter Haven had an opening for a sales agent.  I asked Carolyn Greene, my agent who recently listed and SOLD my lakefront home in Swiss Village, "what are the qualifications to be a top sales agent”. She ultimately recommended me to Jean’s Resales who has agents across the state of Florida.  After interviewing with Jean, we all felt that I was the type of sales person she was looking for. Carolyn, now my mentor, answered my question of what it takes: "enthusiasm, responsiveness, a vision, discipline and the drive to enable positive change in both seller’s and buyer’s dreams, and Vivian you have them all !!!!”   So here I am. I hope I earn your trust in my ability to get you where you want to go, because I truly believe, I am where I am meant to be, finally. 


Darlene Motschenbacher 

Darlene is a very outgoing and vibrant person that has a passion for listing and selling homes.  She moved to Swiss Village as a "Snow Bird" from Minnesota and quickly fell in love with the Florida lifestyle.  She now considers Swiss Village, and Florida, her new home.

Having been both a seller and buyer many times in her lifetime, she will truly understand your needs and wishes.  She has sold many homes and can relate to the "ins and outs" of selling.  She knows how frustrating it can be to sellers and will give you feedback on the showings and keep you informed.  Having purchased several homes herself she also understands the purchasing phase and will guide you through each step to insure the transaction is both fun and hassle free.  She will gain your trust by listening to all of your requirements and will find the perfect fit for your wants and needs.  Her greatest joy is watching your excitement as you find the home you have been dreaming of.

After you have made your decision, she will be your advisor and advocate in assisting you with your questions and concerns as you establish yourself in your new community.  Her door is always open!!!

If she doesn't have the answers to your questions, she has a great network to find the right information for you.  Her service and dedication do not stop after the transaction is closed.

She brings "Minnesota Nice" to Florida to join it with the southern charm found all over Florida.

Give her a call and she will assist you in all your real estate needs.  Darlene (612) 669-1180