Spring Has Arrived in Central Florida

Dear Friends,
Spring has indeed arrived in Central Florida.  This is such a nice time to enjoy walking, or riding around your neighborhood,  Windows are open, flowers and trees have beautiful colors, and many of the communities and parks have yard sales to change the look in their homes for a new season.  Some people who really have not spent much time in Florida assume that Florida is hot all the time.  Wrong, in the Spring and Fall you probably will not even run your air conditioner.  Windows will be wide open and nice breeze is usually blowing.  You will spend a lot of time in your Lanai relaxing and chatting with friends.  You can see bunnies hopping around, squirrels chasing each other and fish jumping in the ponds and lakes.  Early morning showers will keep the glass green and you might even turn your underground sprinklers off for awhile. Utility Bills will be much smaller.  Those who have lived in Florida for a number of years will enjoying their morning walks wearing jackets and scarves. But the new Floridians will be walking in shorts and tee-shirts.  Many of the choral groups, play productions, and entertainment series will be having one big show or dinner and dance before the part-timers leave to head North.  But now that more people are full time residents entertainment and fun continues through out the summer months.  You will never feel that the community has turned into a ghost town.  It does not happen in the greater Winter Haven area.  Summer is filled with concerts, art shows and more for all to enjoy.  More homeowners stay year round then the part-time owners.  Often a new buyer decides to keep their property in their home State and make sure they like the lifestyle, weather and community they have chosen to buy a home.  Then each year they begin to stay a little longer and return a little earlier, and very quickly they are telling me they have decided to be a full time resident of Florida.  People say they feel healthier here, bones and joints don't ache as much, they are more active, playing golf, tennis, pickle ball, horseshoes, shuffleboard or what ever and they miss the many new friend that they made in that first year.  It is cheaper to live, utilities are less, food is less, and entertainment is less expensive.  They like going out to eat in affordable places, not having to bundle up with coats and hats and boots, and relaxing by a pool or in the hot tub is not something they can do in their home State.  Driving is easy you don't have to worry about bridges freezing before roads, because neither is going to freeze!!
Also if you are alone because your spouse or partner or best friend has passed away, you will not feel as lonely surrounded by understanding and caring people who have often been through similar times as you.  Everyone loves their children but sometimes you just want to talk and laugh will people closer to your age.  You might have similar interests such as card games, or sports or travel adventures.  If you are shy about meeting new people, don't worry, you will welcomed and fell sincerely invited to share in whatever activity that you think you will find interesting.  One community member said to me when my husband and I moved from the North to Florida, "We want you to share in all the activities that you want to, we will invite you maybe 3 times and then if you still don't want to get involved with whatever group or game we understand.  Just know you can show up anytime and no will be offended or wonder why now?  Even if you don't know how to play a certain game, don't worry we will teach you, sit down and be prepared to have some fun."
And that is what we did and it was always lots of fun.  My husband has recently passed away and even now as a widow, or single the feeling is the same.  You will always feel welcomed, and you will always have fun.  Laughter is very good medicine!!  
So with Spring the feeling of a new awakening, think about how you can change your life by taking that big step and buying a mobile or manufactured home in Florida.  In Central Florida you will find your home insurance is cheaper, we are not exposed to as many storms as those on the coast.  In about a hour and a half you can get to the gulf coast or the Atlantic Coast. You can take easy day trips in any direction.  Disney World is very close, about 30 to 45 minutes away depending on which park you go to and which road you travel.  Kennedy Space Center is a great place to visit or bring family and friends.   Sometimes you can see a rocket launch from your own backyard.  Remember when you were young and the big prize on the games shows was a trip to Cypress Gardens in Florida.  Well, you can have that adventure everyday.  Legoland bought out Cypress Gardens and opened a beautiful all age theme park in Winter Heaven.  And the best part is you can still go their and see the Gardens.  Also water skiing shows are happening several times a day.  Winter Haven is considered the "Chain of Lakes City".   
Jean K. Pasell
Jean's Resales LLC
P.O. Box 4021 
Winter Haven, FL 33881