October is the time to buy !!!

Hello friends!

This is the time to buy your home in Florida.
It is a time when listings and sales are up.  Pick the home you want before it is gone.   Buyers in the know have been watching the market and the home(s) they like throughout the summer months.  They don't want to lose it before January and are ready to lay down the money now.  As a result, the buyer gets the advantage of having the same lot rent the owner has enjoyed for the remainder of the year.  Also any changes, such as remodeling or decorating may be done prior to your arrival if you are not able to fully enjoy your lifestyle until January 1st.
If you are looking for some rental income prior to your move, you could rent it to a seasonal visitor for at least  $1500 per month; which will offset your lot rent and purchase price.  Something to think about. Tell one of my agents what you are looking for.  They will do the research and send you all the information you might need to learn about the many communities, homes, andamenities that will enhance your lifestyle. 
See you in Florida!!